I Need a Website

We design and build websites from scratch. We work with you to create an online prescence that helps your Business, Company or Organization reach more people.
The standard timeline for building a website (i.e if all information asked for is availed to us in time) is 14 working days. This however changes for more complex websites or websites with custom functionalities.
The timeline for such websites is agreed upon basing on the Terms of Refference.

For a new website design, we require the client to provide the following:-

  • Logo with Company profile or any write up
  • Brand guide
  • Proffesional Photos

In abscence of any of the above, our team is able to provide the service at a fee.

Often times, one might require a website redesign. This could be because of a rebranding requirement, change in mode of business, need for a CMS, need for a more user friendly website, or simply the need for a new and fresh look.

Whatever the reason is, we are able to propose new designs and layouts that match your requirement with the latest technologies and design trends that work well on the internet.

Our approach is template designs (PSDs) that we come up with and we talk through with your team; These are coded into the actual website after the team agrees.

Good websites ought to have information thats uptodate.
Website vistors see no reason of visitng a website when they notice that information isnt updated for a long period of time; This has an impact on the website in terms of traffic and greatly affects a websites position in search engines.

Away from the information & traffic, this is also dangerous to the security of the website if the backend is not frequently checked and updated.

We understand that some businesses, companies or organizations may not understand the role of a webmaster or may not be in position to hire one for one reason or the other.  sometimes they may simply not see the need to hire one because of the nature of business or might have one who is ignorant of what to do.
We advise, train & take on the role of webmaster if needed. Our arrangements are One offs, Monthly, Quartely, and Annual.

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